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In "Somebody Called Me Hannah: An Overcomer's Story", the author shares her life story outlining the emotional, physical, and verbal abuse that she and her family experienced in the home at the hand of her father, and the loss of self-esteem she experienced bit by bit, day by day. The reader is taken on the journey of depression, co-dependency, and promiscuity that results from the childhood abuse that is revealed. This book also chronicles the saving grace that comes as a result of finding God and embracing his life plan. The book ends with a testimony of triumph as the fresh air of deliverance abounds. As Revelation 12:11 states, "And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony."

Many vices such as alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, co-dependency and promiscuity can take hold in one’s life and can be linked back to a lack of the realization of one's self worth more often than not. Perhaps it is through our struggles with our pain that we recognize we can make different choices.

It is through these choices that we can change our thinking and our consciousness, which can ultimately change the world.

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Featured testimonials

 "People will always love a good story and the world needs happy endings. Iolanda's book offers both and what many readers are hungry for: hope, healing and a dash of storytelling entertainment." 

Catherine J. Rourke

Professional Evaluator/Editor and former Miami Herald Journalist, Sedona, AZ



 "I am excited to see this book finally written and published, as it will make a major contribution in helping the body of Christ become more transparent, enabling individuals to become true overcomers themselves - overcoming the traps, pitfalls, and bondages experienced in everyday life." 

Pastor James L'Keith Jones, D.D.

Metropolitan Temple COGIC, Albuquerque, NM



 “Iolanda, your book has been such a blessing and inspiration to me. I’m sure it will touch the lives of others as it did mine.” 

Crystal Johnson

Delgado – Charity School of Nursing, New Orleans, LA


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